The arrival of Allante 595i SC, built by the Canadian shipyard Campion, does not go unnoticed. The name Campion is synonymous with quality. You’ll appreciate it in the details – every inch of boat is beautifully finished, even in places you’ll never look.Typical of the genre, the style is marked by a sporty silhouette and a deep and comfortable cockpit that favors the sitting position. The swivel seats of the driver and co-driver, however, offer lift cushions. At the rear, the U-shaped bench is comfortable and beautifully built to match the overall quality of construction, finishing and equipment. Access to the front through the windshield opening is less difficult than the progression on the inclined deck, which does not facilitate the maneuvering of mooring. The hull shows a great softness in the sea. It does not hit or vibrate while passing in the little chop. Far from 300 horsepower maximum, a 150 horsepower outboard is enough for the Allante 595 to show its handling and speed qualities. As for the small cabin, its 64 cm height available above the double mattress will limit its use to that of a casual shelter in addition to a convenient storage. The Campion Allante 595i SC is presented as a high quality sports boat suitable for day trips and weekend trips.

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