The hybrid system was launched in 2009 with Greenline 33 as the first production boat available with the Hybrid drive. With constant technological development we now have the 3rd generation of the H-drive available. Apart from the convenience of having 230V AC available at all times, the advantage of the H-drive is also silent and emission-less navigation, which the boating community now calls “gentleman’s boating”. Why? Because only the Greenline Hybrid allows you to sail without disturbing your neighbours at the anchorage or in the marina. The Hybrid drive allows for cruising for up to 20 nautical miles at approx. 4-5 knots on a full charge, which is more than enough for a typical leisure day on the water.



- Low maintenance

- Ease of use

- Use of electric energy for propulsion: the running cost of electric boating is 10 times lower than burning diesel fuel

- Smoke, noise and vibration eliminated

- 230/120V AC power system at any time, either at the dock or at sea





At the dock, the boat is plugged into the 230V (120 V) AC shore power supply. The battery pack is under charge and the inverter provides AC power to run home appliances such as fridge, TVs, etc.



The diesel engine propels the boat and drives the generator, which recharges the battery pack. A full charge lasts only 2-2.5 hours on diesel mode.



The solar roof array charges the batteries, which provide AC power supply for the appliances via an inverter. If the level of battery charge drops below a set value, the diesel engine should be switched on in order to drive the generator and charge the battery pack via generator(s). The propeller is disengaged (the gearbox is in neutral). This is the anchor charge mode.



In the electric drive mode the boat propulsion is provided by the electric motor using the power from the Lithium battery. This zero-emission mode is used to sail in and out of a marina or anchorage with no noise, no smoke and an insignificant wake. At 4-5 knots a fully charged battery pack provides a range of up to 20 miles.


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